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Joker is Split’s first shopping mall, located just outside the city center. The Joker shopping mall extends over 50,000 square feet and operates on five floors.

Just a ten-minute walk on foot from Split’s Old Town, you can find a modern and fully equipped shopping center with more than a hundred of stores exclusively offering high-street fashion brands, children’s clothing and sportswear, footwear and equipment, a hypermarket, cinema, food court and other catering facilities, and a full range of services. In other words, anything you need, you can find shopping with us.


Dogs are allowed to move in accompanied by owners in the common areas of the Joker Center:

  • On a leash or in closed baskets/boxes (small breeds) and
  • On a leash not exceeding 1.5 m and with a muzzle (only large and/or dangerous breeds – according to the regulations on dangerous dogs – NN 19/99
  • Each owner/guardian may only introduce one dog to the Joker center
  • Every shop/tenant in the center of Joker has the right by the rule of law to deny permission to enter the owner with the dog in his space.


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