Joker Split

Health services

As part of the Fitness and Physio center at Joker, visitors can also enjoy Lakat by Porobija on the fourth floor. The professional team of physiotherapists led by Ivan Porobija, a top physiotherapist with tremendous experience working with some of the best European athletes, offers treatment for all painful conditions of the spine, joints, muscle therapy and tendon pathology, chiropractic adjustments, various types of individualized massages, dry needling treatments, fittings for orthopedic inserts and more.

Bandalo Chiropractic is located on the third floor of Joker, where Miro Bandalo, after a successful career in the United States, performs chiropractic treatments along with educational workshops on proper posture.

In the business area of the Joker center, you’ll find the dental clinic I Smile. The modern dental clinic offers a full spectrum of dental services with a particular emphasis on dental health, orthodontics, and cosmetic dental medicine.

In Optika Anda on ground floor, an eye clinic offers complete eye examinations by trained opticians.