ljepota Joker


Find all that you need for beauty in Joker: in addition to the perfumery and other shops which offer a wide range of cosmetics and beauty products, Joker offers a variety of beauty treatments and services for visitors.

On the 4th floor of the Joker Shopping Mall, you can find The Body Clinique, a center for non-invasive body and face treatments and care. As a part of a group that integrates Joker Fitness, Smart Fit, and Lakat physical therapy, The Body Clinique is one of the best equipped and most innovative centers for non-invasive body reshaping in this region.

If you are into body care, The Body Clinique offers wide range of treatments provided by Med Contour Multipower device, which is the most performed non-surgical treatment for the removal of fat cells globally. This equipment work on the principle of radio frequency, designed to tighten loosened skin on the face and the body. Other professional beauty treatments – Hydrafacial and Mesoestetic, are your best choice for facial rejuvenation, collagen regeneration, and deep hydration.

Besides beauty treatments, at The Body Clinique you can arrange your physical therapy or sports rehabilitation and heal your pain and injuries.

Hair Salon Michelle on the third floor has made its mark as one of the cherished beauty addresses in Split over the years, and Queen Brow and Lash Bar specializes in eyebrows, lash lifts, eyelash extensions and more. The Nail Clinique will be your perfect spot for manicures and professional nail treatments.

But that’s not all – Fabu Spot also offers consultations, professional makeup, and a range of different beauty treatments.