Happy girl in Joker mall bar having a coffee


Cafes and bars in Joker Mall have become a hotspot for locals of the city and the perfect place to unwind after shopping or mingle with friends. Even better, most of the cafe bars at Joker are fitted with outdoor terraces, and many also offer a variety of sweets and cakes.

Let’s start from the top! Rooftop Sky Coffe and Cakes offers a variety of cold and hot drinks, tasty cakes, and plenty of fun for the youngest on the open-air playground.

Sky Coffe & Cakes
Sky Coffe & Cakes interior

The most tasteful cakes and ice cream you can find in the Sky’s pastry. Whether you are a chocolate, fruit, or vanilla lover, you will find the perfect cake for the moment of relaxation on the Joker’s rooftop terrace.

On the third floor of the Joker Mall, you can find Arca Caffe bar, the preferred place for everyday coffee treats. Enjoy your coffee in the comfy inner place or spacious terrace.

Arca Caffe Bar
Arca Caffe Bar

On the first floor, you can enjoy your preferred cold or hot drink at Outbox cafe bar, while on the ground floor you can find three popular places for your after-shopping mingles with friends – Cafe Bar Square, popular McCafe, and Lobby Bar with the largest terrace.